Taken from the beach at our resort, Melia Puerto Vallarta – 2006

This was my very first vacation as a mom. My son had just turned one, and my husband and I decided we needed another all-inclusive resort experience to celebrate. Ok, so it maybe sounded more like a threat from an exhausted mom at the time, but the bottom line is we. were. going. I didn’t care how much crap we had to haul on a plane or if we never had the energy to leave the actual resort, Mom needed a break. One where there was no cooking, no cleaning, and the sound of ocean waves.

I hopped online looking for a resort in Mexico, since it was a place we hadn’t visited yet, and airfare was doable from Colorado, where we lived. I wanted a place that looked beautiful, had a variety of food, was well-reviewed, and not astronomical in price. And most importantly, CHILD CARE. Not that I wanted to dump my baby off the whole time, but being able to drop him off for a couple hours here and there would be PRICELESS. The Melia Puerto Vallarta fit the bill (they had nannies!!!), and I booked it without hesitation. I’ll spare you the details of that first flight with a colicky baby (I still have PTSD from that ordeal), and skip right to the good stuff. Again I will apologize in advance for the photo quality…this was in 2006 and while we did have a digital camera at the time, I was very new to snapping photos.

View from our room at the Melia Puerto Vallarta
View from our room at the Melia Puerto Vallarta
Our room at the Melia Puerto Vallarta – please ignore the explosion of baby supplies. Just looking at all the crap we had to carry makes my back hurt.
lunch at the restaurant near the pool

One thing to note is that this resort does not have a large beach. It has a small sandy area you can walk along, and a large pool overlooking the ocean, however. The resort grounds were well-kept and beautiful. It was very nice just to walk around the resort, looking at the tropical foliage and lizards! Here are some examples:

Check out that crazy lizard!!! He was just roaming around the resort!
small beach area

The view was especially pretty at night when you could see the lights come on along the coast. I got a few pics on our DATE NIGHT – THANK YOU NANNY SERVICE!

Our main goal this trip was relaxation, but we did leave the resort to explore a little bit. We visited the nearby marina and downtown Puerto Vallarta, which made for nice days out.

local marina
downtown Puerto Vallarta
artists in downtown Puerto Vallarta
shopping in downtown Puerto Vallarta

I would have no problem going back to this resort. Service and food were good, although my husband and son did get a 24-hour bug while we were there. That was a tad scary with a baby, but luckily he was fine by the next day and we didn’t have to deal with finding a doctor. Not sure if it was just being in a different country with different water, etc., but it was a little rough for 24-48 hours. Overall it was a great trip and very much needed. But the flight home? …Yeah um, let’s skip that again. 😬