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About Me

Hi. I’m Tina.

Big travel dreams, that’s what I had. Before I became a grown-up (not by choice, it just snuck up on me), I imagined my life would always involve exploring new places and visiting far-off lands. I think I developed an early appreciation for travel due to my mom being a German immigrant – we took several trips to Germany throughout my childhood to visit my grandparents, aunts, and uncles. During these trips I also had the opportunity to visit Paris, France, and the Swiss Alps – different worlds compared to my hometown in western PA. Later, I met my now-husband, who also had an adventurous spirit. After getting married in Jamaica, we did a tour of Italy and Greece, and visited the island of Maui, Hawaii.

Then I became a mom, and my life forever changed. Travel was put on the back-burner, although we have managed to see quite a few states (and lived in Virginia, Colorado, and now Ohio) and taken a few big vacations (beach trips, an all-inclusive in Mexico, Disneyland, and Disney World). Travel has come to mean something else – broadening the kids’ horizons and trying new things, even if it’s just stopping at a little country town during a mini-road trip.

But I miss Big Travel. If I’m not counting the days until our next trip, I’m not really living. Now that our boys are older (14 and 10), I feel like we might be able to embrace more travel in the next few years and decided I’d try to document it on this blog. It will likely start with some smaller trips – local places in Ohio and the occasional road trip. But my goal is to get back to Big Travel soon. Cross your fingers for me!

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